Joel Cooper

Bass and vocals 

Joel Cooper is a founding member of Kennedy’s Kitchen. 

An extraordinary harmony singer, he began his musical career as a tenor performing choral music with The Notre Dame Chorale and the South Bend based Vesper Chorale.  Tenor?  He can also sing bass!  

Joel got his bass out of the closet when he and joHn began playing music together in the mid 90’s.  Though he left South Bend in 2001, Joel appears on all our CDs and has returned regularly to perform with the Kitchen.  He plays bass, occasionally guitar and whistle, and sings backing vocals.  His composition “Land by the Sea” (on the Kitchen’s first CD) is joHn's all-time favorite Kitchen recording.  

Joel has performed as a member of The Prairie Creek Group, Jellystone Yogi featuring Peter Diggins, Area 51, So What, The Rice County All Stars, Dimestore Watch, The Bathtub Saints, and The Zillionaires, playing a broad range of musical styles including Irish, folk, singer/songwriter, American roots, classic rock, improvisational rock, gospel, and blues.


Photo by Sam Miller